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If you trade like everyone else, you’re going to get the same results as everyone else.

Let’s be honest, most traders results aren’t that great. Trading profitably has never been easy. It’s the only persistent fact of trading. To keep up with – let alone ahead of – today’s wildly volatile market movements, you need the best tools and the knowledge to use them effectively.

Until now, traders have faced the challenge of identifying market movements through momentum and volatility indicators, adjusting each position’s possible entry point, stop, target and exit price using outdated tools that were developed long before the advent of High-Frequency Algorithmic Trading. Staying ahead of these instantaneous, automated market movements has been daunting.

The PhaseTrader® Indicators and software suite, developed by noted author and options trader Jeff Augen, is an extraordinarily powerful suite of capabilities that will give you the tools you need to compete and WIN against High Frequency Algorithmic Trading.

PhaseTrader® Indicators and Your Trading Strategy

PhaseTrader® Indicators identify trends and predict trading entry and exit points that are undetectable by conventional indicators that are limited to tracking price action, momentum, volume, and countless other variables – tools of the past rendered useless in today’s markets.

The PhaseTrader® Indicators are fully tunable to your trading style and objectives. We’ve also put together an exclusive package of training and support that will give you the tools and the actionable market intelligence you need to drive solid trading decisions.

Actionable market intelligence I can trade on?

PhaseTrader® Indicators Empowers Traders

Uses subtle distortions in the volatility futures market to identify trading opportunities in the broad stock indexes.

Identify trade entry, exit and reversal points that are undetectable by traditional indicators

Use a family of powerful tools that you can apply to any market, index, or high-volume security

Access signals that can be used to structure and manage many different types of trades as well as entire investment portfolios.

More tools + more flexibility = better trades.

We’ve added new capabilities to the PhaseTrader® Indicators suite of tools to give you more flexibility to fit your trading style and provide actionable market intelligence to help you choose the right tickers and timeframes to execute winning trades:

What’s Included:

Designed to take advantage of ultra-fast tick level algorithmic trading that dominates financial markets. Now fully tunable and customizable to any ticker and timeframe to fit your trading style.

Uses subtle distortions in the volatility futures market to identify trading opportunities in the broad stock indexes.

Compares the performance of a stock, index, or ETF at different times of the day and charts the cumulative difference. This indicator allows our members to capitalize on various studies showing that private investors tend to overreact to overnight news with bad trading decisions early in the trading day (e.g., panic selling, aggressive short covering, etc.).

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Compares market corrections of all sizes and durations by measuring the total amount of volatility accumulated during drawdown. The indicator can be used in timeframes as brief as a few minutes to as long as several months.

Exploits the tendency of the options market to move ahead of stocks.

Allows you to build a custom composite indicator that simultaneously applies the PhaseTrader® calculation across any group of stocks, indexes, ETFs, futures, currencies, or options.

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