The PhaseTrader® Software Suite

The primary component of the PhaseTrader® Software Suite is the PhaseTrader® Indicator. This completely unique and unconventional indicator utilizes sophisticated mathematical functions to convert rapid, complex price fluctuations driven by institutional algorithmic trading programs into clearly recognizable, quantifiable “phases.” These phases exhibit characteristic patterns that traders can apply to identify entry and exit points for individual trades for any security, in any market, in any timeframe…regardless of overall market direction.

The PhaseTrader® Indicators

Identifies trade entry, exit and reversal points that are undetectable by traditional indicators

Allows traders to limit “time-in-market” exposure to any desired trading time horizon – from a few ticks to a few days or weeks

Fully tunable and customizable to any ticker and timeframe to fit your trading style

Provides signals that can can be applied to any market, index, or high-volume security and be used to structure and manage many different types of trades as well as entire investment portfolios

Actionable market intelligence I can trade on?

More features + more flexibility = better trades.

We’ve added 3 new features to the PhaseTrader® Indicators suite of tools to give you more flexibility to fit your trading style and provide actionable market intelligence to help you choose the right tickers and timeframes to execute winning trades:

PhaseTrader® for TradeStation Radar Screen

Allows the user to build a custom composite indicator that simultaneously applies the PhaseTrader® calculation across any group of stocks, indexes, ETFs, futures, currencies, or options.  This indicator, applied across the entire S&P 100, accurately predicted the famous 2010 “Flash Crash” more than an hour before it occurred.

Net Premium Indicator

Exploits the tendency of the options market to move ahead of stocks by tracking the real-time net difference between the total amount of money spent on call and put option premiums beyond their intrinsic value for near-the-money strikes.

Volatility Finder

Identifies and highlights differences between realized volatility calculated in different timeframes – overnight, intraday, and close-to-close.  This tool consists of a regularly updated series of compiled lists displaying this volatility information for more than 1,000 stocks, and dramatically improves a trader’s ability to select stocks for different types of structured option positions based on individual trading preferences.

Actionable market intelligence I can trade on?