What Makes PhaseTrader® Indicators Different?

The PhaseTrader® Indicator tool suite is a completely unique set of indicators developed by Jeff Augen over more than a decade of research and experimentation.

The FlexTune Indicator is the core indicator in the suite. This unique software tool utilizes sophisticated mathematical functions to convert rapid, complex price fluctuations driven by institutional algorithmic trading programs into clearly recognizable, quantifiable “phases.” These phases exhibit characteristic patterns that subscribers can use to identify entry and exit points for individual trades for any security, in any market, in any timeframe…regardless of overall market direction. In addition, Jeff has incorporated new artificial intelligence technology into the PhaseTrader® suite that dynamically tunes the indicators to accommodate volatility changes in the underlying data. This AI technology gives clear signals when a powerful and persistent trend ends, making this technology indispensable to traders looking for an opportunity to buy or sell a trend reversal.

Other Key Tools in the PhaseTrader® Indicator Suite for the TradeStation platform …

Smart Money Indicator

The Smart Money Indicator compares the performance of a stock, index, or ETF at different times of the day and charts the cumulative difference. This indicator allows our members to capitalize on various studies showing that private investors tend to overreact to overnight news with bad trading decisions early in the trading day (e.g., panic selling, aggressive short covering, etc.). Institutional traders tend to wait for the market to settle and then collect information that allows them to make more informed decisions, often based on confidential information,  in the final hour of trading. The indicator allows our members to set two time windows — early and late — that it uses to weigh market price action. Strong “up” signals are created by early selling and late buying, while strong “down” signals equate to early buying and late selling.
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Market Profiler 

The Market Profiler (previously known as the Accumulated Volatility indicator) compares market corrections of all sizes and durations by measuring the total amount of volatility accumulated during a drawdown. The indicator can be used in timeframes as brief as a few minutes to as long as several months.
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Percent Contango Indicator

The Percent Contango Indicator uses subtle distortions in the volatility futures market to identify trading opportunities in the broad stock indexes.
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Net Premium Indicator

The Net Premium Indicator tracks the net flow of money in and out of near-the-money puts and calls for any stock and can be used to exploit the tendency of option prices to lead the changes in the price of the underlying stock, and so provide a custom leading indicator.
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Watch a recent Webinar …

Jeff presents comprehensive Weekly Webinars that provide unique insight into the implications of key domestic and international economic and financial events. During these webinars, he describes the application of the indicator tool suite to exploit these trends and events. These webinars are available to our members “live” on Thursday mornings, and are also available for review and replay as video and PDF files on our site.

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